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AL Regulations


BHA is subdivided up into three “Zones” to better serve the membership.  Each zone has a director that assists the Chapter presidents and coordinates Zone activities.  The Zone Directors work directly with the BHA President and other administrative staff and are a crucial part of BHA.

Each zone has its own 3D archery tournament schedule and a championship along with hosting the BHA Trail Shoots. Each year the Zone Director meets with all Chapter Representatives and prepares 3D tournament and charity event schedules.

Please contact them if you are interested in starting a new chapter within their Zone.  They can also help you in finding a home chapter to be a part of and learning the great sport of bow hunting.



Kevin’s contact info: – 256-505-8738

Kevin Ivey North Zone Director

Kevin Ivey
North Zone Director


Kevin has been an avid bow hunter & target archer for 35 years.  He has been the president of the Marshall County Bowhunters chapter of BHA for the last 10 years, and was elected as the BHA North Zone Director for 2014 – 2015.

Kevin began his passion for hunting as a child, with his dad, hunting squirrels, rabbits, and other small game.  His dad bought him a 30-30 rifle at age 15, and that same year took his first deer (actually two) on his first deer hunting trip with his uncle.  He’s been “hooked” ever since!

He got his first bow at age 16, which, at the time, his reasoning for the bow purchase was simply to extend his deer hunting season.  By age 19 he was introduced to 3D archery with BHA, and like with deer hunting, was also immediately “hooked”!  Now, in his fifties, Kevin primarily hunts with bow & arrow, as he sees it as “more challenging”, and having a deep respect for big game, particularly deer, as one of God’s most amazing creatures, using archery equipment gives the quarry a lot better odds of surviving.  “To get close enough to a deer to make a quick, humane harvest takes experience, skill, and nerves of steel!”  “God put that deer on this earth for a reason, and I don’t take that lightly!”  “Hunting with bow & arrow offers me as level a playing field as is currently possible, and many times the deer wins, but when I am successful in harvesting an animal with bow & arrow, there’s no rush like it!”  “It could be my native american ancestry that makes me feel this way about hunting with archery equipment.”  “I just know that I’m not nearly as “pumped” when I take an animal with a rifle!”  “And, my philosophy toward taking game is simple, only kill what you’re going to eat.”  This makes you a “hunter”, not a “killer”!

Kevin has been married for 28 years to his wife, Annette, and resides in Albertville, AL.  His hopes, in terms of the future of BHA, include introducing BHA to potential new members as a wholesome, outdoor, family activity that focuses on fun, fellowship, developing relationships, education, ethics, & the preservation of the sport of bowhunting.



Jamey’s contact info:,  205-281-6921



Bryan’s contact info:,  334-695-2624

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