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BHA Officers & Staff

President: Greg Shehan

Greg’s contact info:


Vice President: Charmen McAlpine

Charmen’s contact info:   Cell: 205.296.3773
Charmen was taught to shoot a recurve bow by her Daddy at a young age but did not grow up in a hunting family. She married Mike in 2001 and was introduced to her new passion of hunting. She has been an avid hunter since the first time she stepped foot into the woods. She looks forward to their hunting “expeditions” that occur every year, as she feels that even hunting in the backyard is an expedition. She joined BHA at the insistence of Mike and has not looked back.

She served as the Secretary for 2012, 2013,2014 and 2015. She was elected as the first ever female Vice President for 2016. Charmen has volunteered for many BHA shoots/functions, such as, Bow-Up Against Breast Cancer, the NASP State Championship , Bowmania, Buckmasters and BHA State Championship Tournaments and Banquets. She is an avid supporter of hunting rights and has attended numerous CAB meetings in Montgomery.


Secretary/Membership Amanda Adams

Amanda’s contact info:,


Treasurer: Kristi Wood

Kristi’s Contact info:



Editor: Larry McAfee

Larry’s Contact info: