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AL Regs 2014

AL Regulations

BHA Officers & Staff

President: James Hornbuckle

 contact info:    Cell: 205-675-7407

Vice President: Shane Bates

contact info:   Cell: 205-910-8871

Treasurer: Sandra Patterson

contact info:    Cell: 256-223-0304

Secretary/Memberships: Charmen McAlpine

contact info:   Cell: 205-296-3773

Editors: Larry McAfee & Ray Metzler

Larry and Ray can be reached at

Tournament Director/ASA Liasion: James Hornbuckle

contact info:    Cell: 205-675-7407

Northern Zone Coordinator: Renee Hornbuckle

contact info:    Cell: 205-229-2878

Central Zone Coordinator: Brad Kelley

contact info:    Cell: 205-217-1563

Southern Zone Coordinator: Jason Vincent

contact info:    Cell: 334-689-1717

Awards Chairman: James Long

contact info:    Cell: 334-464-5888

Membership Card Coordinator: Michelle Bickerstaff

contact info:    Cell: 256-572-8298

UDCP Director: Michael McAlpine

contact info:    Cell: 205-296-3775

UDCP Treasurer: Nicholas Ecker

contact info:   Cell: 205-454-1105

Political Advisor: Don Jackson

contact info:    Cell: 334-275-1673

Webmaster: Bryan Gilbert

Bryan’s contact info: