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Website Advertising

BHA’s new website allows for advertising capabilities to vendors of the archery industry.  The revenue generated from website advertising will be used to fund all sorts of youth, education and conservation efforts in which we are committed to.  The rate table for banner advertising on this website is shown below.  BHA offers several options to meet your budget needs.If you would like to purchase banner style ads to promote your company and help promote BHA’s efforts please complete the BHA Banner Ad Contract.  If you have any questions please contact Webmaster at



Ad Size in Pixels

6 Months (Avg/mth)

12 Months (Avg/mth)

125 x 125 (Right Sidebar)

o $150 ($25/mth)

o $250 ($20.83/mth)

120 x 240 (Left Sidebar)

o $185 ($30.83/mth)

o $350 ($29.17/nth)

575 x 90 Bottom of Page

        o $270 ($45/mth)

o $500 ($41.67/mth)

575 x 90 Top of Page

o $420 ($70/mth)

o $700 ($58.33/mth)