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Master Bowhunter

BHA is proud to introduce our Master Bowhunter Program.  If you are looking for a bowhunting challenge and Master Bowhunter V3 (2)something to take great pride in once accomplished, this is the program for you. Upon completion you will become a member of the BHA Red Arrow Society and be recognized as one of the state’s most proficient bowhunters .

The program is open to all BHA members bowhunting in the state of Alabama regardless of whether you are using a compound bow, crossbow, recurve or longbow .

This is a challenge that may take you one hunting season to complete or several seasons. It may require you to hunt public land or swap hunts with fellow Bowhunters to find the game animals to harvest.

It truly is a unique challenge and BHA is excited to offer it to you as a BHA member. Guidelines for the program are listed below as well as in our forum section under ‘Master Bowhunter Program’.

This program was approved by the Executive Board on August 10,
2013. The rules and requirements governing the awarding of the
“Master Bowhunter Award” are as follows:

1. Purpose of Master Bowhunter Program

A. The purpose of the Master Bowhunter program shall be for the
purpose of recognizing the individual efforts of bowhunters whose
pursuit of big game, small game and predators in Alabama has taken
them far beyond that of the average bow hunter.

B. To reach this status and be recognized by BHA as a Master Bowhunter and a member of BHA’s Red
Arrow Society, a bowhunter must take one each of the species identified in the Minimum Requirements
section and meet all other requirements listed at the time the game animal was taken.

2. Minimum Requirements

A. Successful candidates for the “Master Bowhunter Award” must take the following which meets “BHA
Trophy Class Minimum Requirements”:
Bow qualification- (1) Whitetail Deer scoring at least 100 points, (1) Wild Turkey, (1) Wild Hog, and either (1) Coyote or (1) Bobcat.
Crossbow qualification- (1) Whitetail Deer scoring at least 100 points, (1) Wild Hog, and either (1) Coyote or (1) Bobcat.

B. Bowhunters must be a member of BHA in good standing at time each animal is taken and all entries
must be taken in Alabama AFTER August 10th 2013,

C. Animals taken prior to the BHA Board Approved program start date are not eligible.

D. Entries must be taken in accordance with BHA’s Rules of Fair Chase.

E. All required game taken must be verified by TWO BHA members in good standing. All Whitetail Deer
Buck entries must be scored by a BHA Certified Measurer. Alabama Whitetail Records scoring calculator
will be used to determine score. ONE 4×6 photo of each game taken must also accompany game
submission form. Each photo must include BOTH Hunter and Game taken in the same image.

F. All entries must be taken with equipment in accordance with the specifications listed under “Archery
Equipment Used For Hunting Deer & Turkey” section of the published Alabama Hunting Regulations &
Information in the year taken. (Note: Turkey is illegal to take with crossbow at time of program start.)

G. A “Master Bowhunter All-Time List” shall be maintained by the Records Chairman and displayed on
the BHA Official Website.

H. A plaque, a Master Bowhunter Patch, and/or other concessions, will be presented to those who have
successfully completed the “Master Bowhunter” requirements at the annual awards banquet.

For more Information:

Riley Yeargan, Master Bowhunter Program Director,,  205-217-2122