Bowhunters of Alabama

The Bowhunters of Alabama (BHA) is a non-profit organization created to provide bow hunters within the state a way to voice their opinions.

BHA is a very family-oriented organization. During the 3D season archers of all ages participate in a safe environment and are rewarded with time together as a family. At any given opportunity a BHA member who is experienced in 3D and hunting is available to teach a new archer what they need to succeed. BHA is also called on by many different organizations to teach archery to all age levels across the state. BHA members have taught Boy Scouts, YMCA members and many others both young and old. BHA is a proud sponsor of the National Archery in the Schools Program.

BHA has also created an Urban Deer Control Program (UDCP) at the request of the Alabama Department of Conservation. This program provides an effective means of removing deer from a target area. If your community or neighborhood is having problems with deer, please contact BHA for additional information.

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