Shooter of the Year Possibilities 2024


You must be a member at or before the State Championship to qualify for SOY. BHA SOY is determined by a total of your top 2 Trail Shoot scores + your score from the State
Championship. You can shoot all 3 Trail Shoots but only the top 2 scores will count plus your score from the State Championship. Trail Shoots are listed on the calendar at as:

  • NZ Trail – (Location)
  • CZ Trail – (Location)
  • SZ Trail – (Location)

You MUST pay for the Trail Shoot for your score to count and you MUST shoot the State Championship.

Groups will be busted at all Trail Shoots and you must shoot with the group you are assigned to.

Top 5 shooters will be peer grouped at the State Championship and you must shoot with your group you are assigned to.

Zone SOY

The state is divided into 3 Zones for BHA. Northern Zone (NZ), Central Zone (CZ) and Southern Zone (SZ). Shoots are designated on the calendar by Location followed by the Zone.


  • Jefferson – NZ
  • Tuscaloosa – CZ
  • Barbour – SZ

You must shoot 4 shoots within the Zone at 4 DIFFERENT locations and the Zone Championship to qualify for Zone SOY.

You can shoot multiple shoots at any location but only your top score for that location will count. You would then need to shoot at least 3 other shoots at 3 different locations. Example – If you shoot multiple shoots at Jefferson and your scores are:

  • Jefferson – March shoot – score 190.001
  • Jefferson – May shoot – score 176.000
  • Jefferson – June shoot – score 200.000

Then your score from the June shoot will be the one that counts for SOY. Only shoots from within the specific Zone will count toward that Zone SOY. You can participate in ALL Zones for each Zone SOY. So if you live in NZ you are not limited to just that Zone. You can still shoot for CZ SOY and SZ SOY.

**** BHA Trail shoots within each Zone DO NOT count toward that Zone SOY.

AL ASA Federation SOY

You must be an ASA member at or before the AL ASA State Championship You must shoot a minimum of 3 Qualifiers at 3 different locations and the AL ASA State Championship to qualify for AL ASA Federation SOY. SOY is for ALL Amateur classes recognized by ASA except Bow Novice and Known 40. Those classes are considered immediate move up classes. It is the SHOOTERS responsibility to make sure they PAY for a Qualifier when they register for the SOY. There is an option to only shoot a LOCAL shoot at each Qualifier. So, if you are wanting to shoot a Qualifier, please make sure you information the person at registration that you want to shoot a Qualifier. For any additional details, all information can be found on the AL ASA Federation Facebook page or on the BHA website at

Some clubs host multiple Qualifiers within the State of Alabama and you can shoot as many Qualifiers as you want but ONLY your TOP score from 3 different locations will count toward AL ASA Federation SOY.

ASA (National) SOY

ALL details for ASA SOY can be found on the Archery Shooters Association website at