Traditional Archery

We offer these links to help expand your knowledge and experience using these wonderful weapons of not only the past but also of the present.

Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen (ATSB)

Many of us grew up shooting on traditional longbows and recurves and many of our current members still hunt and compete with “wheeless” weapons.  They are extremely fun to shoot and hunt with.  The Alabama Society of Traditional Bowmen (ATSB) works hard to keep alive this old traditional way of archery by continuing to introduce, teach and shoot with the “stick bows” of old.  BHA incorporates a Traditional Class within the 3D competitions to help promote and continue this traditional form of archery.  ATSB also holds 3D shooting events to promote the sport of archery.

Trad is 100% totally devoted to traditional bowhunting. The 3 goals of are as follows …

1. To offer a public access website for those that love the sport of hunting with traditional archery equipment – i.e., selfbows, longbows, and recurves.

2. To create a friendly atmosphere to all. Dedicated to the discussion of all topics that relate to traditional bowhunting.

3. To support traditional bowhunting and archery manufacturers, vendors, services and organizations – good folks that have their hearts and souls poured into the sport.

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