International Bowhunter Education Program

What is Bowhunter Education?
The International Bowhunter Education Program (IBEP) is a program designed and administered by the National Bowhunter Education Foundation (NBEF) to train bowhunters throughout North America as well as other international locations. The ultimate goal of the IBEP is to provide bowhunters, both experienced and new, with the basic fundamentals of good, safe bowhunting while maintaining the highest ethical standards in the sport. The immediate objective is to instill in all bowhunters a responsible attitude and to adopt and follow acceptable behavior towards people, wildlife and the environment in which they hunt.

Alabama has adopted the NBEF program of bowhunter education in cooperation with the Bowhunters of Alabama.  This internationally accepted course teaches bowhunters to be ethical, considerate, humane and safe.  Topics include: hunter ethics, treestand safety, shot placement and blood trailing.

George Dixon, 1972 IBEP
Photo Credit: Bill Krantz

IBEP Contact for Alabama IBEP:

Michael McAlpine

The official online bow hunter safety course of the National Bowhunter Education Foundation and the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resource. This bow hunter education course, has been developed in conjunction with the NBEF and the Alabama  DCNR.

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