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AL Regs 2014

AL Regulations

Championship Series and State Championship Rules

For anything NOT covered below, please refer to
ASA Shooters Association 2020 Rules of Competition located at

A. Only BHA Chapters, with current liability insurance will hold BHA sanctioned tournaments.
B. Rangefinder use is allowed on known distance targets.
C. During tournaments, all classes will follow the same format for known and unknown distance
competition as they do in ASA Pro/Ams.
D. Start times may be “casual” with shooting groups (arranged by class or otherwise mixed) or “shotgun” with assigned shooting times and stakes. The host chapter or organization has the right and responsibility to delay or cancel a tournament in case of severe weather. In the event weather shortens the competition, results and awards will be based on a round completed by the class or other fair means decided upon by the host chapter. The method of determination will be announced prior to dismissal of competitors and any grievances will be filed in the form of a protest.
E. ALL participants shall wear non-offensive clothing. All clothing shall completely cover any undergarments regardless of age of the participants. ASA Pro/Am clothing guidelines are
recommended, but not required.
F. Prior to the start of competition the host chapter will provide shooters with any necessary information particular to the course before they proceed to their first target.
G. Slower groups must let faster groups pass them to maintain the pace of shooting. No group may hold up other groups during a tournament.                                                                                                                      H. A group or individual may not approach the next shooting stake until the group occupying that stake has fully cleared the area. Anyone advancing to the competitor’s area of any other stake and/or interfering with another group will receive a score of zero for that target.

A. Hosting Chapters shall be responsible for all awards/payouts (if applicable) for local
tournaments, Trail Shoot Legs and State Championship.
B. Please refer to the ASA Payout Schedule for all payout eligible classes. (see classes chart)

A. The State Championship will be a 1-day shoot. Cost for participating in the State Championship will be $30 for all payout possible classes and $10 for all non-payout classes.
B. The host chapter will set two (2) ranges of 25 targets for State Championship.
C. Competitors must be current members of BHA to be participate in the State Championship.
Competitors may join BHA onsite at the State Championship.

A. McKenzie like targets that have 8, 10, and 12 ring scoring areas are recommended for BHA tournaments, but are not mandatory. The 12 ring may be the ASA Pro-12 Ring or a ring in the “center” of the 10 ring which is scored as 12.

The BHA Tournament Committee, consisting of the Tournament Director, Zone Directors, President and Vice President has the authority and responsibility to assign a registered shooter to a higher competition
class based on knowledge of the competitor’s prior archery performance or experience, or the individual’s established competition level in another organization.
A. AMATEUR – These classes are open to shooters who are not otherwise deemed
“Professional” by their competition status in BHA or other archery organization.
B. YOUTH CLASSES – In the interests of safety and the well being of our youth, all competitors
in the Youth and Eagle classes must be able to draw their bow under control and without
undue difficulty. If in the opinion of the Range Official the competitor is having difficulty drawing
the bow the competitor shall be required to decrease the poundage to allow them to properly
draw and shoot the bow regardless of arrow speed
C. KNOWN and UNKNOWN distance class formats for BHA will mirror those at the ASA Pro/Am

The Tournament Committee will consist of five (5) members including the Tournament Director, Zone
Directors and President.
A. Any grievance or protest must be filed in writing with the Tournament Committee within one (1)
hour of completion of a round, along with a $20 protest fee.
B. In addition to ruling on grievances submitted by shooters, the committee will establish
penalties and sanctions in keeping with the ASA Pro/Am Rules for conduct and repeat rule

A. Competitor MUST be a current member of BHA at or before the second Shooter of the Year Trail Shoot Leg.
B. BHA State Shooter of the Year will be a cumulative score of the 3 Trail Shoot Legs and the State Championship.
C. The BHA will provide Shooter of the Year awards at the State Banquet in August.

Any shooter that places in the top 2, twice in the SOYT Legs and/or State Championship or wins State Shooter of the Year must move up the following year if there are five or more competitors in that
class, and if not restricted by age and if a class available to move into.