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Welcome to Bowhunters of Alabama


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2018 BHA Newsletter #001


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David Hinkle Deer
 “BHA has connected me with hunters who share my passion.”  – David Hinkle

David’s successes have been a long accumulation of learning and experience that began in 1969 when his father put a bow in his hand for the first time.  He grew up in Irving, Texas and was a member of the Irving Bowhunters Association.

He shot NFAA and TFAA for ten years, all spots and known yardages.  This field archery style of shooting did not prepare him for real hunting situations. Deer did not walk around in Texas with spots on them so “I missed a lot.

It wasn’t until he moved to Alabama in 1987 that he discovered “3D Tournaments” but didn’t start shooting them until three years ago.  He learned a great deal about judging yardage from fellow competitors which was difficult because he is color blind, which makes it very difficult to judge depth perception.

David joined BHA a few years ago, befriended a great many fellow hunters and 3D competitors along the way.  David refers to the members as Godly people, both young and old and the 3D tournaments are just good, fun competitions.

David is a full-time automotive refinish technician and works part-time as an archery technician for Bass Pro Shops in Leeds, Alabama.  He serves as Vice President of St. Claire County Chapter of BHA and is also a PSE and Ramcat Pro staffer.

Bowhunters of Alabama is made up of people just like David that is very passionate about archery and bowhunting.  Our 3D tournaments are a means of fellowship, education, training and competitions.  They are designed for beginner archers as well as for the experienced.  Kids and families are very welcome to shoot at ALL of our tournaments.

Join BHA and begin shooting the 3D tournaments.  The tournaments begin in February and are very addicting, and your bow shooting skills will dramatically improve.

Who Are The Bowhunters of Alabama?