BHA 10k Draw Down

$10,000 Draw Down Fundraiser

This fundraising event is scheduled for September 10th at 5pm at the Pell City Civic Center in Pell City Alabama.

The way this fundraiser works is based upon BHA selling 300 tickets:

Tickets are $100 each. Each person purchasing a ticket gets two meals and admittance to the event. You do not have to be present to win. This is a reverse type drawing. All the numbers will be posted where everyone can see as each number is drawn. As the number are drawn it will be removed from the board.

Insurance can be purchased on each ticket prior to the drawing for $25. The insurance will allow the ticket if drawn to be put back in play for another draw.

The drawing will continue until 12 tickets remain. The 12 remaining ticket holders will be called to the front, where they can have their ticket auctioned off. Then we keep drawing. At any point if all the remaining participants agree the pot can be split evenly but it must be agreed upon by everyone.

If a person is not there every effort will be made to contact them by phone. If they cannot be reached, we will keep drawing.

The last number in will win $10,000!!!

Also, each time we draw 40 tickets we will play a game of bingo. The winner of each bingo game will receive a ticket to be put in the bucket. These tickets will be B I N G O. You may purchase a card for each game for $40 or you may choose to buy individual cards for $10 each for the first 3 games and $15 each for the last 2.

We will also hold out ticket number 300. This will be the “Lucky 13” ticket. Chances will be sold for $10 each for this ticket. We will draw the Lucky 13 when there are only 12 tickets left.

During the night we will have a split the pot also going on. You may purchase tickets for $1 each $10 for 12 or $20 for 24.  At the end of the night, we will draw, and the winner will get half of the total. You do have to be present to win split the pot! So don’t go home just because your ticket is out. You can still win this.

BHA needs money to operate a quality organization. There are many things that we need or need to be doing that we have not been able to. We know $100 sounds like a lot, but it is after all a donation.

At this point we still need to sell more tickets. If you are a BHA member, please consider purchasing a ticket. It is hard to ask someone else to if you haven’t yourself.
People will buy these tickets. We have about 3 good weeks to really work on this. Please get with your chapter President as they all have tickets. If every member purchased just one, we would be sold out.

It would be great to go into next season with $10-15,000 in the BHA account.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact by phone or text.

Wes Patterson