Website Upgrade and Improvements

Change is defined as “make or become different.”

While change is inevitable I believe that the changes that are taking place with BHA are very positive. The first change in 2020 was the executive board. The board agreed as a whole that if BHA is to prosper there has to be a positive change in the way we do things. You are currently looking at several of these changes whether you are aware of it or not.

The first one being the obvious website upgrade. Our goal was to make it more user friendly and appealing to the eye. The old site stayed relatively unchanged for 8 years. It was time…

The second thing that we are working to change is communication. This is key if we are to thrive in the coming years. Communication serves as a foundation for planning. The BHA board members have three primary ways of communicating, the website, Facebook and face to face. Good communication provides clarity and direction for everyone involved. Positive communication will help tremendously with various concerns and problems.

The third thing is providing or sharing information. In the years past it seemed to be difficult to obtain the correct information. We are working to improve this on the website in the form of increased transparency and ease of navigation. BHA shouldn’t be a mystery to a new or existing member.

The fourth thing will be an increased effort to improve relationships with everyone directly related to or that is involved with archery. Our goal is to work closely with the clubs to ensure their success in the future.

If you are an archer you should be a member of a club. The sport of archery has a social aspect that makes it quite rewarding. There are very few sports that allow a professional, semi-professional or rookie to compete together. Tournaments in archery often enable friendships between individuals from all walks of life. You never know who you’ll end up on a target with next.

If you aren’t a member of BHA and a local club, it’s time for a change.

We appreciate your patience and understanding in the weeks ahead.

Shane Bates